I haven't always been a baker. In fact, the first time I tried making instant muffin mix it ended with disaster! But my resolve to start baking came from two things: my childhood love of new and exciting foods, and my switch to veganism. At the time, vegan options were limited, and in the 'burbs it seemed like the only option was to learn to bake for myself, so that's exactly what I did (cause the world will end before I forego good cookies). Since then I've completed the Baking & Pastry Arts Management program at George Brown College and I now work full-time at a French pastry shop (Patisserie la Cigogne). Saucy Baker is my small freelance business, designing and creating vegan cakes for any occasion.

My next mission is to start supplying Torontonians with the kind of vegan desserts we all deserve! Being trained as an illustrator and having a rather adventurous palate, I have long been unsatisfied with the range of vegan baking available in Toronto. Healthy but uninspiring flavours and gobs of super-sweet icing just don't interest me. I endeavour to make refined and adventurous desserts to bring out a bit of sauciness in everyone. Enjoy your food and have fun!

Please note, this business and this website are still in the very early stages, so feel free to e-mail me with suggestions about what you want to eat! I currently work from home, so as I test and refine more recipes I will add images and information.